Overview of the Kuwaiti Copyright Law of 2016

Kuwait passed a new Copyright and Neighbouring rights Law in June 2016. This is new law replaces the 1999 copyright law – the first copyright law that Kuwait ever had. This new law is probably motivated by Kuwait’s accession to the Berne Convention in 2014.


Kuwait: Copyright Country Profile

Kuwait is a member of the Arab Copyright Treaty (ratified in 1986) and the Berne Convention (acceded in 2014).
Current Copyright Law:

  • Law No. 75 of 2019 Promulgating the Law of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights [قانون رقم ٧٥ لسنة ٢٠١٩ بإصدار قانون حقوق المؤلف والحقوق المجاورة]: Arabic Text.

Previous Copyright Law:

  • Law No. 22 of 2016 on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights [قانون رقم ٢٢ لسنة ٢٠١٦ في شأن حقوق المؤلف والحقوق المجاورة]: Arabic Text.
  • Law No. 5 of 1999 on Intellectual Property [مرسوم بقانون رقم ٥ لسنة ١٩٩٩ فس شأن حقوق الملكية الفكرية]: Arabic Text.

Photo credits: “Kuwait City” by Meshal Alawadhi – CC BY-NC 2.0